Supa Hot Crew

Founded: October, 2013

Nationality: Europe

Supa Hot Crew

Coming into the 2014 spring split in miraculous fashion, Supa Hot Crew may have fallen to relegation, but also showed considerable promise. Following some roster tweaking, Supa Hot Crew could hone their competitive consistency and surprise everyone coming into the 2014 summer split.


Record16W - 12L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

Supa Hot Crew performed fairly well in the 2014 spring promotional qualifiers and tournament, notably beating KMT (now ROCCAT), and opening up their promotion match against relegated SK Gaming 2-0. SK rallied heavily, taking the series 3-2 and conceivably dashing the hopes of SHC for the remainder of the split.

In a miraculous turn of events, with Lemondogs being removed from the LCS, the battle for their spot was to be decided in a play-in between Ninjas in Pyjamas, Meet Your Makers, and Supa Hot Crew. With Ninjas in Pyjamas also falling to administrative woes and disqualified from the play-in, the final LCS spot was to be claimed by the winner of a match between MYM and SHC. SHC swept MYM 2-0 and secured their spot in the LCS at the last possible second.

Their run at the 2014 spring split saw tremendous performances by their AD carry, MrRallez, who quickly became their standout player. The team struggled to find consistency, and, though they took games on even the top teams, they were unable to find lasting success. Late in the split, mid laner Moopz was replaced by SELFIE. The swap saw mixed success, and SHC fell to relegation by the end of the split.

In relegation, SHC faced off against Cloud 9 Eclipse, taking them down in a commanding 3-0 victory. While it’s too early to tell if Supa Hot Crew are back in a big way for the 2014 summer split, they’ve certainly learned a lot about professional play, and the future looks bright for this young squad. With the departure of Migxa from the starting lineup, the signing of wewillfailer might prove another boon to performance in the summer.