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SK Gaming

Founded: September, 2010

Nationality: European

SK Gaming

SK Gaming is one of the oldest esports organizations in the world and has been involved in competitive League of Legends since 2010. Over the years SK has fielded some of the most famous players in the EU scene, including mid laner ocelote, top laner Wickd, jungler Svenskeren, AD carry YellOwStaR, and more. While SK’s strategies have changed with each rotation of new players, they continue to be a powerhouse in the EU scene.


Record15W - 13L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

SK Gaming is one of the most revered organizations in all of esports. But despite the franchise's success across a wide variety of games, League of Legends championships have consistently escaped their grasps. Because of this, SK gaming has endlessly tinkered with its roster, trying to find the right combination of players to bring home a title. World-renowned players such as Wickd, WetDreaM, and Ocelote have passed through the lineup, but so far all have come up short.

A truly passionate team, SK has won fans across the world with their unbridled emotional wins and tragic losses. A major slip-up during the Season 3 summer split saw the team dropping to relegation matches; and with the departure of key members from last season's roster, the new SK Gaming has locked in several young, talented players in hopes that the new blood could bring home the 2014 gold. While critics spoke loudly, performance spoke louder, and SK saw a tremendous finish to the spring split, taking second place.

The summer split, however, was not as successful for SK. Inconsistency plagued the team as they made their way to a fourth place finish. But they weren't about to give up. SK Gaming fought hard through the summer playoffs, and despite their previous backslide, they earned themselves a spot at Worlds. Their Worlds showing was disappointing, in part due to a suspension on their jungler, but SK Gaming is back to prove they have what it takes.