Gambit Gaming

Founded: January, 2013

Nationality: Europe

Gambit Gaming

The Russians navigated a closely-fought group stage in the Season 3 World Championships only to run into the well-prepared NaJin Black Sword in the quarterfinals. Once debated as the best team in the world during their Moscow 5 days, Gambit’s 2014 spring split playoff implosion leaves their hopes for the summer split and World Championship aspirations shaky and uncertain.


Record8W - 20L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

The core of Gambit Gaming originates all the way back to their time on Team Empire, knocking out a dominant SK Gaming at IEM Kiev. The group was quickly recruited by the Moscow 5 organization and emerged as an unstoppable force for all of Season 2 with innovative strategies executed on the biggest stages. They went into the World Championships as a heavy favorite only to be upset by eventual winners, the Taipei Assassins.

A new sponsorship from Gambit Gaming kicked off the Russians' start to the Season 3 split. In the EU LCS, the ongoing rivalries between them, Fnatic, and Evil Geniuses raged on throughout the year, but thanks to a pivotal boot camp, a resurgent Gambit edged out EG for Europe's final spot into the Season 3 World Championships. Their hot streak continued all the way until meeting face-to-face with NaJin Black Sword in the quarterfinals where Gambit was sent home. Former teammate Edward returned from his time in the NA LCS, and coming into the 2014 spring split, Gambit looked like a top competitor. Though they performed well during the regular season, the playoffs saw Gambit narrowly avoiding relegation and dropping to fifth place.

Looking toward the 2014 summer split, Gambit lost their storied mid laner Alex Ich, picking up NiQ as a replacement. Gambit will have to reevaluate their status and preparation, as well as incorporate their new blood effectively, in order to break through the pack and reclaim their former glory.