In the 2014 Spring Split, Fnatic saw monumental successes and failures, but ended on a high-note, taking first place for the third split in a row. Following a humbling performance at All-Star, only defeating TPA, Fnatic will take plenty of lessons into the summer split.
March, 2011


Record17W - 11L
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Team History

The Fnatic organization is considered as one of the heavyweights in esports, winning tournaments in every major competitive game over the last decade. The formation of the 2011 League of Legends team resulted in a Season 1 World Championship title. During the next year, the team was plagued by inconsistency and metagame shifts that ended with the original lineup breaking apart (only xPeke and Cyanide remained).

Fast forward one year, Fnatic's resurgence at IPL5 marked the beginning of the team's return to relevance. They entered the LCS with momentum on their side and, despite the departure of nRated from the support role, Fnatic was able to maneuver past their opposition and secure Europe's top seed in the Season 3 World Championships. However, their deep postseason run was ended by Royal Club Huang Zu in a 1-3 series.

With their star AD Carry Rekkles (from the IPL5 squad) finally of age to compete in the LCS, Fnatic looked to the 2014 Spring Split to prove themselves in the new year. After a season of win and loss streaks, Fnatic’s future was called into question for a time. In splendid fashion, Fnatic ended the split upright, and took first place once again, this time earning an invitation to the 2014 All-Star event. In Paris, Fnatic joined a legendary meeting of former World Champions, slated to meet TPA (Champions of Season 2) and SKT T1 K (Champions of Season 3) at the competition.

The All-Star experience brought a home field advantage to Fnatic, with the crowd frequently breaking into venue-consuming "Fnatic" chants throughout the event. Unfortunately, Fnatic was only able to take a game off of TPA, barely making it out of the group stage. Looking toward the summer split, Fnatic will take lessons from All-Star to heart, translating their experience against the world’s top teams into an increased presence in the 2014 summer split.